Development Centre for Hydrogen Technologies involved in SustainHuts project LIFE program


Development Centre for Hydrogen Technologies is part of the European project SustainHuts, which is funded by the LIFE program and runs from 1 7. 2016 to 30. 6. 2020. We are included as a carrier of investment for sustainable, environmentally friendly mountain huts in Slovenian Alps, also involved in the dissemination activities, advice and support to other tasks of the project.


The purpose of the project SustainHuts is the introduction of new technologies for exploiting renewable energy sources with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions, which affect the environment intact mountains habitat. Local authorities enables the installation of demonstration systems that promote the action plan for the emission reduction of all buildings in the Natural Parks or other tourism areas.

The mountain lodges and hotels will be tested by the introduction of sustainable technologies such as photovoltaics, micro hydro power, wind power, fuel cell, elektrolizer and storage of hydrogen and the use of new insulation materials in buildings with a view to display adapting to climate change.  

Project partners:

  • Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (Spain)
  • Aragonese Mountaineering Federation (Spain)
  • Italian alpine Club (Italy)
  • Environment Park (Italy)
  • Planinska zveza Slovenije (Slovenia)
  • Razvojni center za vodikove tehnologije (Slovenia)
  • Laboratorij za termoenergetiko, FS UL (Slovenia)
  • Transylvania University of Brasov (Romania)

Project official webpage:


Opening the 1st HRS in Slovenia

Opening the 1st HRS in Slovenia

The opening of the 1st hydrogen filling station in Slvoenia has been in Lesce, near Lake Bled. Since now we are able to drive on hydrogen, as renewable, from Slovenia and within EU countries.

The opening event - Live

The map of HRSs in Europe


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Mobility Workshop

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Mobility and Fuel Cell Bus Development in Central Europe

Budapest, 19 February, 2014

Development Centre for Hydrogen Technologies participates the Workshop that was organized by Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

The lectures are available on following address