Hydrogen refuelling stations

Petrol d.o.o., TPJ d.o.o. and DCHT are establishing the first Slovene compressed hydrogen refuelling station in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Stations will be set on existing Petrol refuelling stations and will be open to public.

In connection with hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen distribution we would like to participate in demonstrations of vehicles using fuel cells. Installation of hydrogen refueling stations in Slovenia will establish the hydrogen highway to Italy and Austria.


Demo projects of hydrogen vehicles

In Slovenia there were several demonstration activities with hydrogen vehicles. The most known event was the demonstration of a fuel cell bus produced by Rampini at the World Cup in rowing at Bled. The project was coordinated by Domel d.o.o., company TPJ d.o.o. established a mobile refueling station for hydrogen and assured recharging of the vehicle.

Performed were also demonstrations by bus manufacturer Hydrogenics (partner Domel d.o.o.) and the Fiat Panda car with adapted combustion engine that used hydrogen as fuel (partner TPJ d.o.o.).


Advanced power supply

In collaboration with the Centre of Excellence Low Carbon Technologies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and company HSE Group d.o.o. economically suitable hydrogen production and distribution is investigated. Infrastructure for demonstration project advanced power supply is also being established, where hydrogen will be used as energy carrier. This project is also related to smart grids.

Advanced power supply