Development Centre for Hydrogen Technologies (DCHT) was founded by five companies and two research institutes in a bid to boost research, development and applicable projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells in Slovenia. The main goal of the Centre is to pool industry and institute-based knowledge capacities. Other goals include providing conditions for the transfer of expertise, stimulating lasting cooperation between research and the business sector, influencing state development politics, organizing expert meetings on hydrogen technologies and increasing competitiveness of Slovenian companies and institutes in the long-term.

Centre was founded by the largest Slovene fuel distributor Company Petrol d.d., a global supplier of advanced development solutions based on electric motors and their upgrades Domel d.o.o., a company in the field of energy management, automation and manufacturing informatics Inea d.o.o., a manufacturer and distributor of industrial gases TPJ d.o.o., a company that operates in the field of fuel cells with the proton conductive membranes Mebius d.o.o., prime Slovene institution Jozef Stefan Institute and National Institute of Chemistry with twenty years of tradition in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future and one of the key priorities of the European Union. Its use will decrease the dependence from fossil fuels and significantly reduce greenhouse and other environmentally hazardous emissions.